Saturday, January 25, 2014

Moon River at Midnight and Strong Reveal

The view from our back deck overlooks the Moon River and marsh and is spectacular on most nights.  However, when there is a full moon, it is out of this world.  We have enjoyed it so much since moving to Savannah and marvel every time we get the pleasure to see the beauty of nature in such dramatic splendor right in our back yard !!  This is an original design of mine where I tried to capture in fabric what we are lucky enough to see on a regular basis.  It has inspired me to do a series of this view at different times of day which I will post as I progress.

On Jan. 15th, Material Maven's revealed their latest challenge - Strong.  Here is my work titled La Famille Zeringue which was inspired by my mother and her family.  For a full explanation please see the posting at Material Maven's blog.  

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anniversary Quilt

My son Tom married Tessa in August 2012.  I decided I would make an anniversary quilt for them but due to our move to Savannah, GA in May and again in September, that never happened.  So it became a Christmas present!!  The good news is it's done and they love it!!  The pattern is Cranberry Chutney by Madison Cottage Design done in Marcia Derse fabrics of blue, green, brown and gray.  It was fun and easy to make and I am delighted at how it came out.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Material Mavens Comfort Reveal

"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."   

Jane Austen

Today was the latest reveal for the Material Mavens blog.  My rendition was an embroidered picture of my home in Savannah, Georgia on Log Landing Rd.  I traced the design on the background fabric using a black and white copy of the house.  I stitched in DMC floss, shaded with fabric pens and added beads and french knots for details.  The hand quilting was done in a grid design and the piece was then wrapped onto a wooden 12 X 12 frame.

Close up of stitching and beading

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Modern Quilt

 I've been bitten by the "Modern Quilt" bug and wanted to try my  hand at it.  I've seen many quilts using gray backgrounds and bold graphics in bright colors on Pinterest and in quilt shops and magazines recently.  Elizabeth Hartman's Avalon quilt caught my eye while on Pinterest and I thought it was a good design to work with.  This is my version.  I added borders to make it a bed-size quilt.

This is a close-up of the circular quilting done by Lorena's Longarm Quilting in Burlington, Mass.  I love how it contrasts with the angles of the rectangles and strips.  Although the picture is a bit washed out, it looks great on a bed.

Friday, August 9, 2013


My husband, John, has built himself a grand workshop with almost every tool a woodworker could desire.  I have begun to reap some rewards from this endeavor luckily.  Here are two of his latest creations. The first is a blanket/quilt chest with dove tails and the inlaid star, which was my idea!!

The second is a cherry tray with curved inlaid strips of purpleheart, maple and padauk (African coral wood).  I explained what I wanted the tray to look like and John designed it.  We are thrilled with the finished product!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Honeycomb Garden

Another reveal day is here and the theme is Cell.  I chose to interpret the honeycomb cell.   "One of the most popular patterns in North American quilting after 1925 was the Grandmother's Flower Garden" stated quilt historian and scholar Barbara Brackman.  She also reported that "many women who never made another quilt finished a Grandmother's Flower Garden".  I have quilted for about 25 years and I have never made one so I thought I'd use that quilt pattern to interpret this reveal's theme and make my  mini "garden". I used two colors of silk for this piece.   A fusible stabilizer was used to make the hexagonal templates for my cells. I lightly ironed them in place to the backs of my pieces of silk, basted and then worked on a pleasing arrangement.  When happy with the design I hand stitched the cells together.  I machine stitched my garden onto a 12 X 12 piece of peltex that was covered with the same ivory silk as the cells.  I echo quilted 1/4 inch inside each cell and then continued stitching the hexagonal design on the background.  A hand embroidered bee was added.  The wings are not fused to the background and provide a 3-D effect.  

As usual  this was not the only 12 X 12  made for the theme.  I first made this version of a honeycomb.

I used a combination of batting, stitching and pigma pens to create the comb.  I added a fused and beaded bee, the branches and leaves.  Generally happy with the overall effect, I decided I really didn't like how the bee came out or the roundness of the comb.  I thought about just redoing the bee, but if was fused down and the legs and antennae were drawn using pigma pens so I left it alone for a few days.  It was then that I came up with the idea of the silk cells and began the other piece which I was much more satisified with.

If you haven't already, please view the Material Mavens blog for the other stunning interpretations of Cell.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Communication 12 X 12

The March theme for Material Mavens was Communication.  Here is my piece which I titled "Love Letters".
See the Material Mavens website for the description and other works of art!